Friday, January 06, 2006

Moon Waves


I wrote this story in 1986 when a friend of mine asked me to write something as a birthday present for her. I always wanted to write but I was never sure if I could do it well enough to be published. The idea of writing just for fun never occurred to me .. till Cheryl asked me for this gift. This is what I wrote for her birthday in 1986. I was discovering relationships, their ups and downs and I somehow wanted to write something that combined the fairy tales that I heard as a child with the pleasures and pains I was undergoing as a young woman out in the dating world! When I read it now I cringe at all the corny metaphors and roll my eyes in embarrassment. Despite all that, I am posting this because this reminds me of my youth, of my optimism and my willingness to play with words and ideas. Here you go!

Moon Waves

The ocean sighed deeply. She was restless and waves of thoughts rose in her mind. She could sense that her life was about to embark upon a new avenue. She was filled with nostalgia when she thought of the days when the whole world belonged to her. She WAS the universe. She created a wealth of creatures in a sea of numerous colors, shapes and sizes. She was filled with ripples of laughter when she watched them play together. Her heart broke and fierce waves arose from her when she witnessed her creations hurting each other. Part of her hardened when she watched the cruelty of the world within her.

The hardened earth missed the companionship and the soothing touch of the ocean. Earth’s cry for relief reached the soul of the ocean. “What am I doing to myself” thought that Ocean. She turned to her companions the sky and the sun and poured out her heart. She wanted to reach out and quench the thirst of her soul mate, the Earth.

The ocean’s will power kindled by sun’s warm support created vapors of delight, which in turn became showers of rain. Earth danced in delight. Out of the movements of her body came the trees; out of the leaps the mountains, the pitches of laughter broke into milieu of colors and her ornaments became flowers. Out of her body came human beings and her song became their languages. Her emotions turned into animals and birds; her sparkling teeth became snow and her blushing cheeks the redwoods. She kept hidden within herself parts of the ocean as lakes, rivers and brooks. The ocean fell into a quiet harmony with earth

Ocean experienced a total sense of freedom when she let go of her hardened past with earth. Suddenly there seem to be a world of possibilities. She wondered if there ever existed a soul mate for her. She lulled to sleep under the blanket of the dark sky. She suddenly opened her eyes to a feeling that awakened every sinew of her body. A strange feeling of anticipation filled her. She searched within her as to what generated the feeling. She looked around to see if earth sent someone to take care of her.

She could not find the source of this delightful uneasiness. She finally looked up to find the mischievous moon smiling down at her. Her familiar world seem to disappear the moment their eyes met. She was afraid to move lest it might wake up her under world and rob her of the thrill of this moment.

Slowly she became aware of moon’s rays around her body. His whispers of cool wind ran tremors through her body. His rays gently touched her cheeks and he slowly lifted a wave off her face. Their eyes were locked together and neither of them dared to breathe. Her breath caught in her throat and she covered her face with her clouded hands. He gently removed the clouds from her face and reached down to kiss her. It sent shivers down her spine to cause ripples in her surface that caused a passionate exchange to create waves of delight.

As Sun rose, she bid farewell to moon with a heavy heart. She went through the day in a daze. Everything seem unreal. She was mesmerized by her mysterious lover. It seemed as if he never revealed himself completely to her. Every day she watched him as he became less and less revealing. The one night he disappeared completely. That night she felt as though the whole was going mad because she could not find her lover. The next night, she had a glimpse of him and then more and then more till the full moon arrived.

They shared with each other every fear, pleasure and experience that they had in their lives. Every morning they parted with reluctance and every night they met in anxious anticipation. The sky blushed at dusk as she watched the Ocean anoint herself for the arrival of her lover. High tide of emotion filled her when he revealed himself completely to her. She loved his full moon face despite the scars. Their meeting started with a hesitant caress, progressed into a comfortable language of hands, eyes and lips, mounted to a peak of urgency and settled in sighs of ecstasy. They lay down quietly lest it may break up the spell of that magical moment.

The moon looked deep into the Ocean and found his image rippling though her entire body of water. Ocean whispered “Sometimes I wish there was no Sun. I wish that we could spend every moment of our lives together”. Moon smiled at her, held her face in his arms and stared into the depths of her deep blue eyes and said “My love! Do you think that Sun is different from me? I am part of him. The hot and fierce blaze during the day is the same as the cool and collect lover that runs into your arms at night. I am with you, in you, around you and belong to you unto eternity. There are times during the day when a cloud is hanging over me, I look for you but you seem to be busy too. You are busy working hard to keep afloat all the ships that sail across you, lamenting the loss of your possession when you lash back on some unfortunate travelers, enjoying the squeals of delight of children as your splash them with your waves. You say that you miss me but you seem to be having a whole lot of fun after we part at Sun Rise”. A twinge of jealousy in his voice made her think.

As the Ocean receded home, she realized that in a way she was glad that they each had their time apart. When the Sun was busy during the day, she was busy reaching into her depths to find the beauty and that lay within her. She enjoyed the time in her own world. Ocean knew that she found a soul mate – both within her and with the Moon. The thought of his absence did not fill her with anxiety and sorrow. She made love to him not as a hurried lover in despair but as a relaxed mysterious lover comfortable in her own skin. Days turned into nights, and nights into days and the soul mates continued to sway to the music of moon waves.